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November 2017
Beginners (P1, P2, P3)DatesLevelsHour#Weeks
WednesdayNovember 15thP1* | P2* | P3*10am10
WednesdayNovember 15thP1 | P2 | P3*7pm10
Monday / ThursdayNovember 13thP1* 7pm5
SaturdayNovember 18thP1* | P2*10am10
Wednesday ( South Shore & Laval only)January 24thP17pm10
Tuesday ( South Shore & Laval only)January 23thP2*7pm10
Intermediate (P1, P2, P3)
WednesdayNovember 15thI1*7PM10
ThursdayNovember 16thI2* | I3*7pm10
Advanced (A1,A2,A3)
ThursdayNovember 16thA1*| A2*7pm10
*6 students per class, otherwise the course might be postponed to a next session

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Learn Spanish thanks to our spanish group courses in Montreal, Laval and South Shore.


Courses:  Spanish without Limits (Espagnol Sans Limites) offers Spanish courses for all levels from beginner to advance. Our 9 communicative-centered levels are divided as follow: three Beginner levels (P), three Intermediate levels (I) and three Advanced levels (A). Our courses are offered mornings and evenings. All courses are taught once a week for a 10-week period totalling 25 hours. The duration of each class is 2:30 hours.


The number of students per class can vary from 6 to 14 people. This way you will learn Spanish in a social and dynamic atmosphere. We use learning tools such as audio and situational conversations to facilitate communication and make the language accessible to all.


Level Evaluation: If you have already been (in one way or another) exposed to the language, it is essential to take a level test. No fees are applied for this test if you register for a course session right after the evaluation, otherwise it’ll cost $20.



* During the summer: If you take a course session during summer, it is possible that your 25 hours will be divided into nine weeks instead of 10.


** Course twice a week: The school also offers intensive courses which are given twice a week (Monday -Thursday) for beginner students. The 25 hours are spread out over five weeks instead of 10.


*** During the holiday season, we will be taking a break for 3 weeks on the last two weeks in December and the first week of January.


Registration: Course registration must be made before the start date of the session. If you can’t come to Espagnol Sans Limites (Spanish Without Limits) to complete your registration, you can register through telephone or via email with your information; in both cases your payment must be made by credit card (additional fees of 3% are applied).


Registration Hours

1.Monday to Saturday: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
2.Monday to Thursday: 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm



Cost of training:

For CÉGEP/ University students (with proof of ID): 260$  

For the elderly(65 years and older) : 280$  

For general adults: 300$  

†Taxes not included


It includes:

– 25 hours of classes
The material necessary to complete the course




Tuition Fees: All new students of Espagnol Sans Limites (Spanish Without Limits) must pay a registration fee of $ 25. This fee is applicable only during the initial registration with us.


Tax credit: Your tuition fees at Espagnol Sans Limites (Spanish Without Limits) are entitled to a tax credit. Our school is recognized by Revenu Québec. Following your request you will receive a receipt for your tuition Learn Spanish thanks to our Spanish group courses and lessons in Montreal given by native spanish speakers. Register now at School Espagnol sans Limites.


Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card (additional 3% fee is applied).

First Name

Last Name



When and how have you been
exposed to Spanish?


You will be contacted in the next 24h by phone or e-mail.

An approach that creates a buzz…
espagnol sans limites
An approach that creates a buzz…