spanish lessons for businesses spanish lessons for businesses

Business Spanish Lessons in Montreal, Laval & South Shore.


More and more Canadian and Quebec companies do business with Spanish speaking countries. Whether to communicate, understand the culture of your business partners, reach a specific market, or send an employee to work abroad, the need to learn and master Spanish is becoming increasingly important.
We adapt to your needs and provide your employees the jargon specific to their field. We provide the linguistic tools and communication skills to your employees in order to be effective and productive on site and abroad.


Teachers go to your facilities to adapt to your work environment.


Espagnol Sans Limites is an educational institution approved by La commission des partenaires du marché du travail (Certificate No. 0055297) which certifies our teachers’ pedagogical professionalism*.


*Recognized by Act 1%. An act to promote workforce skills development and recognition


The aim of our courses is to familiarize and deepen your knowledge of Spanish. Whether for business travels, to target a particular market or a specific area requiring to master Spanish, we offer courses adapted to your needs.


Our teachers are professional, experienced and qualified native Spanish speakers who will share their Spanish language skills with you. We adjust our classes to you and provide you with jargons specific to your sector of work, grammar and conversational aptitude targeted to your needs.


We provide the linguistic tools necessary for your employee (s) to be efficient and productive in their work both here and abroad.


In addition, our teachers can meet with the employee/student at your office, in a conference room or other facilities that better fit your work environment and your comfort. Contact School Espagnol Sans Limites to help your employees become fluent with our spanish lessons and spanish courses for business in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and surroundings.

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Learn Spanish quickly & effectively with our experienced teachers | Montréal, Laval & Rive Sud.

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